Revolutionizing Somali Agriculture: The Solar Cold Storage Solution

The Challenges Facing Somali Agriculture Agriculture remains a backbone of Somalia’s economy and a critical pathway for poverty reduction. However, the sector is under immense strain. Weak institutions, insecurity, persistent insurgency, environmental degradation, and the adverse effects of climate change have collectively undermined agricultural productivity. This multifaceted crisis has significantly reduced agriculture’s contribution to the […]

Innovating the Heartbeat of Mogadishu: SOMCOOL x Bakaara Market Market

Bakaara Market, the lifeblood of Mogadishu, is an open-air marketplace bustling with activity and a vital hub for trade and commerce. It is renowned as the largest market in Somalia, pulsating with the exchange of goods ranging from daily essentials like maize and beans to more unique items such as gold and textiles. It’s not […]