Innovating the Heartbeat of Mogadishu: SOMCOOL x Bakaara Market Market

Bakaara Market, the lifeblood of Mogadishu, is an open-air marketplace bustling with activity and a vital hub for trade and commerce. It is renowned as the largest market in Somalia, pulsating with the exchange of goods ranging from daily essentials like maize and beans to more unique items such as gold and textiles. It’s not only a commercial center but also a cultural one, reflecting the vibrancy of Mogadishu’s community and the resilience of its people.

Smallholder farmers form the backbone of this marketplace, their toils and produce feeding the city and driving the local economy. Despite the challenges posed by Somalia’s climate and the need for better infrastructure, these farmers are undeterred, bringing their produce to Bakaara in hopes of sustaining their livelihoods.

At SOMCOOL, we’re thrilled to be a part of this bustling market’s ecosystem. We’ve introduced our innovative solar cold storage solutions to Bakaara, providing these diligent farmers with a sustainable way to keep their vegetables fresh. This is not just a step towards reducing post-harvest loss; it’s a leap into fostering a healthier economy and environment.

Our solar-powered units are helping to safeguard the hard-earned produce of local farmers, ensuring that fruits and vegetables retain their freshness from the farm to the market stalls. By doing so, we’re aiding these farmers in securing better prices for their produce, minimizing waste, and contributing to the stability of the food supply chain within Mogadishu.

SOMCOOL’s collaboration with Bakaara’s farmers symbolizes a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment. We’re not just cooling produce; we’re fueling a movement towards a brighter, greener future for Somalia’s agricultural sector.

Here’s to fresh produce, solar innovation, and the enduring spirit of Bakaara Market!

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